Civic Engagement has never been this easy

At VoteBetter our mission is to help students and student representatives alike navigate the landscape of student campus politics, form a collective voice on the issues they care about, and effectively organize for advocacy and change.

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Through a platform that is simple to use and easy to navigate

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By way of accurate and timely information

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Action through civic engagement and dialogue

Why should I join VoteBetter?

Consider the following perspectives of postsecondary students:


Feel well-informed on the organizational structure of their student government (e.g. roles and responsibilities of elected representatives, who they report to, how they work together and make decisions).


Didn’t vote in an election because they didn’t know enough about the candidates or their platforms.


Feel it is easy to compare candidates during a campus general election.


Are confident that they can share their concerns and ideas with candidates running for office.


Believe that their student body representatives will deliver on their platforms when in office.

Data collected from Survey on the State of Student Politics at Ryerson University, January 2019.

We know we can do better!



Staying Informed

Brush up on your knowledge of campus politics by accessing important information about the structure, processes, and role of your student organization right in the palm of your hand.

Making constitutions and bylaws easy to understand

Content from contributors who have previous experience in office

Convenient reference point during election season

Meet Your Candidates

Say goodbye to information overload. VoteBetter features all individuals running for office in one place so you can finally accomplish what you set out for- getting to know your candidates.

For Candidates:

Levels the playing field for independent candidates

Frees up reserved domain funds for other campaign investments

Relief from the time crunch involved in designing your own website from scratch (p.s. you can still add a link to your page once it’s complete)

Have Your Say

Whether you have a concern about transportation or a proposal for a new student service, bring your thoughts to the forefront of political debate and foster dialogue around issues that are important to you.

For Candidates:

Stay on top of hot topic issues that matter most to your peers

Test your assumptions of student needs and concerns

Engage with constituents through in-app commenting

Compare Candidates

Active candidates will be prompted to respond to the top three up-voted topics for their respective position, empowering you to make the decision on who earns your vote.

For Candidates:

Keep track of what your counterparts are offering the student body

Receive notifications when your competitors change their platforms

Easily update your profile to address hot topics and concerns

Track Campaign Promises

Stay on top of the execution of campaign promises with polimeters specifically designed for each elected executive representative. Meters are updated daily and linked to social media and local news networks you know and trust.

For Candidates:

Like you, we know that transparency and accountability are more than just buzzwords. Keep your constituents in-the-know with a tried and true tool for demonstrating political integrity.

Better Together

A peer-to-peer forum for additional content to enhance your civic experience on campus. If there’s a question that the community can’t answer, we’ll do the research for you, send an inquiry to the student organization on your behalf, and update the page as soon as we hear back.

Spreading awareness on topics such as:

Different ways to keep your elected representatives in check

The feasibility of promises made on the campaign trail

Past accomplishment of your student organization

Integrated Social Media Capabilities

Respond to your messages all in one place. Follow outspoken community members who advocate for issues that are important to you and receive a notification when they make a post.

For Candidates:

This feature that was specifically designed with you in mind- because leadership is more than a title and advocacy doesn’t just happen when you are in office.

Network with other thought leaders on campus

Recruit individuals to your slate

Effectively manage and coordinate campaign volunteers



Who can use VoteBetter?

Student organizations from different postsecondary schools can benefit from using VoteBetter. The platform can be used for civic engagement within different levels of student government (e.g. program/course unions, faculty societies, as well as the student organization on campus at large). During sign-up, users will be asked to indicate the campus they are affiliated with so that they can be connected to the corresponding online community.

Is VoteBetter ready for download?

No. VoteBetter is currently in the early stages of development. The purpose of this landing page is to share the concept and proposed features of VoteBetter with postsecondary students and gauge public interest in the platform. If you haven't already, please let us know what you think!

How can I join your team?

From the get-go, the development of VoteBetter has been informed by the experiences of students. We take pride in being aggressively driven by the needs and interests of the postsecondary community and are always looking for additional team members. Drop us a line at votebetterapp@gmail.com to learn more about opportunities to work with us.